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Guess who~ by TimothyCake090 Guess who~ :icontimothycake090:TimothyCake090 0 0
As I let my eyes pass over you I get this feeling inside. I have so many feelings concealed in side this body. I can see you but I can't touch you. We're many worlds apart. The space between us expands and shrinks at the same time. I find out more about you but I've never truly known you. I surround myself with you but yet we've never been able to see each other through this glass wall that separates us. The lies I tell myself will never be truth. You will never see me. I am invisible. But you are bright as a shining angel. All others seek your grace. All others seek your excellence. I wonder when the time will come. I wonder when you will open your eyes to the world. All I do is wonder. That is all I can do.
:icontimothycake090:TimothyCake090 0 3
Random BB painting by TimothyCake090 Random BB painting :icontimothycake090:TimothyCake090 0 0 Whitch one? by TimothyCake090 Whitch one? :icontimothycake090:TimothyCake090 11 4
Mature content
Cut :icontimothycake090:TimothyCake090 1 3
State of Mentality
Trying to figure out what this means to me. Wondering how long I'll stay this time. I've never been in this kind of situation before. I love you, don't get me wrong but I'm scared of what I could do to you. I don't want to make you crazy like me. I barely have any emotions left after the medication they gave me started to work. The hospital isn't that bad, I mean at least they feed you but most of the time they just let you sit there like your a zombie or something. I don't want to go back there but I can feel them draging me back again to that dark abyss I knew so well.
:icontimothycake090:TimothyCake090 2 3
anyone know who she is? by TimothyCake090 anyone know who she is? :icontimothycake090:TimothyCake090 0 6 Two Kaitos by TimothyCake090 Two Kaitos :icontimothycake090:TimothyCake090 2 0 Miku is surprised by TimothyCake090 Miku is surprised :icontimothycake090:TimothyCake090 0 0 Miku DERP by TimothyCake090 Miku DERP :icontimothycake090:TimothyCake090 0 0 Meanwhile in Australia by TimothyCake090 Meanwhile in Australia :icontimothycake090:TimothyCake090 4 5 Black people by TimothyCake090 Black people :icontimothycake090:TimothyCake090 2 2 what happens when you give your laptop to your bff by TimothyCake090 what happens when you give your laptop to your bff :icontimothycake090:TimothyCake090 1 6 PINKIATO is surprised by TimothyCake090 PINKIATO is surprised :icontimothycake090:TimothyCake090 0 9 Len nu liek outfit by TimothyCake090 Len nu liek outfit :icontimothycake090:TimothyCake090 0 10 Angry souless Len by TimothyCake090 Angry souless Len :icontimothycake090:TimothyCake090 0 1


Lee TaeMin by MiwakoMymy Lee TaeMin :iconmiwakomymy:MiwakoMymy 99 10 LEE TAEMIN Compilation Pictures ver 2 by Koeno77Shiro LEE TAEMIN Compilation Pictures ver 2 :iconkoeno77shiro:Koeno77Shiro 30 0 Taemin .... :D by ChocoJonginLate Taemin .... :D :iconchocojonginlate:ChocoJonginLate 38 13 Lee TaeMin by MiwakoMymy Lee TaeMin :iconmiwakomymy:MiwakoMymy 70 4 Minho by mysteriagirl Minho :iconmysteriagirl:mysteriagirl 25 0 Attack Dog- Macro by SungminHiroto Attack Dog- Macro :iconsungminhiroto:SungminHiroto 84 24 Bad Maknae- Macro by SungminHiroto Bad Maknae- Macro :iconsungminhiroto:SungminHiroto 77 31 SHINee Macro:.Excuse Me?!.: by xrinnn SHINee Macro:.Excuse Me?!.: :iconxrinnn:xrinnn 176 38 Shinee by SMoran Shinee :iconsmoran:SMoran 71 19 SHERLock by ShaWol4EvA SHERLock :iconshawol4eva:ShaWol4EvA 13 0 jjong24 - Born to shine by BiLyBao jjong24 - Born to shine :iconbilybao:BiLyBao 32 0 I'm so curious by Kite--Miura I'm so curious :iconkite--miura:Kite--Miura 33 10 Keeeeyyyyyy by ChocoJonginLate Keeeeyyyyyy :iconchocojonginlate:ChocoJonginLate 19 2 dubu sherlock era by mada29 dubu sherlock era :iconmada29:mada29 42 12 Shinee by jkjhy Shinee :iconjkjhy:jkjhy 32 0


  • Listening to: the bugs outside (its like...10:49pm)
  • Reading: what I'm typing
  • Watching: nothing atm
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  • Eating: SHINee (I wish ;) )
  • Drinking: air (O.o)
there is alot happening on DA atm. mostly about SHINee's comeback, which I am SUPER excited about~! cos the new album is being released 2 days before my birthday~ and we're getting alot of smexy pics of the members~ I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be spazzing majorly over the next couple of weeks while we are all waiting for the rest of the piccies and the big day of the release. I'd love to be able to see them live when they come to Australia while on tour~ but the concert is in Sydney...many miles away from where I live. but we'll just see what happens. anyways, love to you all~ I bid you goodnight :heart:


TimothyCake090's Profile Picture
Pretty average girl...I suck at art so don't expect to see any. I will be using this account to put my literary works up so the world can see them.I'll be putting my older ones up first then after that idk it all depends on when I feel inspired to write something which in truth is not very often. I just want to thank you for taking the time to read this so ciao for now. Edit: I also have finally got MMD so I'll but MMD stuff up aswell.


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MALE18 Featured By Owner May 11, 2012  Student General Artist
Josh Hoggle : what a jealous and bitter soul you are.

you spend countless hours making all those lame pics

and then come here 24/7 trying to be a somebody
like the big guys.

but it only shows what a sad insecure little boy you really are.

boy, it must really suck to be you
Misaka4 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2012
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Thank you so much for your :+fav: :hug:
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oh, yes, happy birthday for whenever it was
HA you're old now ;)
I'm waiting for you in my bed. :)
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:iconsexytaeminplz:< thanxs for the fav

Taemin fan N 1# :iconinloveplz::iconsexytaeminplz:

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